Bombo Bar Stool

Bombo Bar Stool

Weight 7kg each

Min Height 67cm

Max Height 88cm

Seat Dimension: 440 x 400mm (Width x Depth)

Foot Rest Dimension: 280 x 150mm (Width x Depth)

HK$ 799.00

HK$ 999.00


Make an impression with this fantastic pair of Low Back Bombo Style Stools which look great in any kitchen or breakfast bar by adding a touch of style, colour and comfort.All stools are ergonomically designed using the latest technology to mould the seat for maximum comfort. The seats are made from high quality ABS which is a tough impact-resistant plastic helping to resist damage through heavy knocks and bumps.The foot rest, frame and base are made from highly chromed steel and uses gas pistons within the stool which allows smooth adjustable height control from 67cm to 88cm.